John Barrett

John Barrett (Komponist)

Born in Ireland, 1958. Studied Aesthetics at Trinity College, Dublin
Lived in Japan for 10 years during which time studied under the butoh master, Kazuo Ohno.
Translator of Kazuo Ohno’s World ( Wesleyan University Press)
Moved to Paris in 1991. Collaborated with Leone Cats-Baril, Yvonne Tenenbaum, Gencho Morita, Takuya Ishide (dancers), Koh Nakajima; Ping Qiu (video-artists), Rene Schmalz poet and performer; creating soundscapes and performing as a musician.
Since 2002 collaborating on a regular basis with Cem Yardimci, architect and video artist
with a series of installation projects. Deniz and Ruyager Marmara University, Istanbul, (2006)
Centre Pompidou, (Paris 2007); Vermelho, Sao Paolo (2008)
Moved to Berlin 2010, and currently working with Yuko Kaseki on a series of improvisational dance/soundscapes.

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