Alexandra Toland

Alexandra Toland (Künstlerin, Umweltforscherin)

Environmental artist Alexandra Regan Toland was born in Boston, MA in 1975. She received her BA in 1997 from the UW-Madison, MFA in 2001 from the Dutch Art Institute and Dipl. Ing. in landscape architecture and environmental planning in 2009 at the Berlin University of Technology. She is currently a graduate research fellow in the Graduiertenkolleg (Graduate Research Program) 780/3 „Perspectives on Urban Ecology III“ at the TU Berlin and works as a teaching assistant in the Dept. of Soil Protection at the TU-Berlin. Since 2007 she has been a freelance photographer for the environmental visualization firm Lenne 3D and has participated as a design researcher at the Wriezener Park Open Space Lab in Berlin-Friedrichshain. She has exhibited regularly in Europe and the United States and published on the topics of environmental art and aesthetics as they apply to soil protection issues. Research interests include sustainable art, environmental aesthetics, urban ecology, soil conservation, plant population ecology, landscape architecture and urban planning.

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